Q: I've seen teams and schools with custom "Wheel." shirts... how do I get in on that?

A: Hit that contact button down there at the bottom left of the page and let us know what you're looking for. We'd love to do a custom shirt for you! All you need is a minimum of 20 shirts and some funds to get the order going. 

Q: I've seen some shirts on guys that aren't on your site. How do I get my grubby Rollerdad hands on one?

A: Because Wheel.RDAC is a small company we're doing limited runs of products to keep things simple as we grow. If we see a design or color scheme really take off, we'll probably do another batch at some point. Again, hit the Contact button at the bottom or give us a shout on Twitter or Instagram to let us know what you like. We aim to please.

Q: There's rumors going around that you're doing "limited edition" designs... stuff that's not on your site. How does a Rollerdad like myself acquire such items?

A: Best bet is follow us on Social Media (see those buttons on the lower left??). We'll be doing small batch runs of these, with pre-orders before they're produced. It'll be first come, first serve.

Q: I bought something from your site and have an issue with it. How do I send this thing back to you and get my cash back?

A: Don't worry. Hit the Contact button below and let us know what's going on, we'll make it right.

Q: What size should I get? Seems like every company I buy a shirt from has a different fit. And what's up with that goofy looking blonde kid in all your product pictures? 

A: Hey man calm down... that's @wesfry09. We use him because he's so dang average. If you're trying to figure out your size, Wesley is a good, middle of the road rollerdad. He's 5'10" and weights roughly 175 lbs depending on his current puck diet. He's always pictured wearing a Large.